As I read about astronauts I was amazed how women are also in this field. It is amazing how they can show others that they can also do what men can do. When one say name an astronaut that you can remember maybe more will say Neil Armstrong. There are also females that became an astronaut and have also gone to space.

As I do some more reading I found out some of their names. The first woman that went to space is from Soviet Union, her name is Valentina Tereshkova. Aside being the first woman in space she is also the first civilian to go to space. Their spacecraft Vostok 6 was launched into space in 1963 of June 16 and also the first one to carry a woman.

After Tereshkova another astronaut woman from Soviet Union is Svetlana Savitskaya. She is the first woman who had done two spaceflights. At Soyuz T-7/T-5 in August 19, 1982 she was the first woman to fly on a space station and at Soyuz T-12 in July 25, 1984 to do a spacewalk.

The first American woman in space was Sally Ride from mission STS-7 in June 18, 1983 and STS-41-G in October 5, 1984.

Unfortunately the first Jewish American to be in space Judith Resnik died in STS-51-L in January 28, 1986 where in the mission had end in a catastrophic failure where in total of seven crew members died.

If Savitskaya first woman to do a space walk, the first American woman to do a spacewalk is Kathryn Sullivan in October 11, 1984.

This are only a few of female astronaut name, there are a lot of female that have proven there capability even in space. Make them as someone to look up and be up for a challenge in everything