When you say Milky Way you might think of a chocolate bar that not only kids love but also adults too. In science this does not tackle about a chocolate bar.

Milky Way is a galaxy where in we live. This is an example of large group of gas, dust and star that is called galaxy. The Sun and also about half way out from its centre lay the planets which include Earth. Its shaped is somehow like the shape of a whirlpool but huge which once every 200 million years it rotates. If you want to know what it is made up of, it’s made up more or less 100 billion stars and also gas and dust. Because this is huge the light would takes 100,000 years to be able to cross one side to the other side. This measure around 100,000 to 120,000 light years in diameter.

Since the center of this is hard to see due to gas clouds and dust block the view the scientist thinks it has a big black hole that can swallow anything that pass near it. This black hole is referred as Sagittarius A* that has the mass of around 2.6 million Suns.

If you want to see a Milky Way you should be in a place that has a sky that has very dark night.

Learning more about Milky Way will be surely be very interesting because this is the home to our planet Earth. And they say that this is almost the same old as the Universe itself.