When a kid or adult see a falling star they say that you should make a wish and it will come true. Some believe on this but some thinks it is just a way to make kid to believe that there wish can come true especially if they are good.

Try asking a kid what he or she thinks about a falling star they might answer you that it is one of the star in the sky that falls from heaven. It sounds cute when you hear it from them. They have a great imagination.

Actually falling star or also called shooting star has no connection with the stars that we see in the sky. When you see one this are called meteoroids. These are small or tiny bits of dust or sand and rocks but if this is larger as a boulder astronomer called it asteroids. When it has entered at our atmosphere this becomes meteor. It has a bright tail behind this is produce due to the ram pressure of meteoroid. But if these meteoroids are huge the streak that can be seen in the sky is called bolide or fireball. This are bright the streak can last more than a minute in the sky. And if it survives and it went to our surface this now called meteorite.

Leonids which occur around November 15 to 20, Geminids around December 7 to 15 and Perseids around July 25 to August 18 are some of the meteor showers that are the brightest and most popular where in you can see more meteors in each minute.