When gazing at the stars one will be surely be mesmerized of the beauty you can see in the sky. Like a painting that can capture any eyes and fell in love with it. Aside from the stars each one of us are amaze of the beauty that we see and learn about sun, stars, moon, planet, galaxies, comets and other more. Did you know that this is the one of the oldest Science?

The word astronomy is from the Greek word astron which means star and nomos means law or culture in short it means is law of the stars.

Astronomy is simple defined by NASA as the study of planets, space and stars. There are a lot to learn interesting and amazing topics or facts when studying this. It may be kind of strange but once you got your interest and hooked up with it you will fascinated on what you will learn on the way. From school you learn some about the facts about it but you will be amaze that there are more in to it.

Isn’t it exciting to study about celestial bodies? There are a lot to learn and know about it. And the good thing about now is the technology can help us more learn about it. Aside from the books where we learn from it there are internet, TV channels or shows where in NASA will give you the latest update about it and the viewers can show what is outside Earth or in space. Viewers can experience or see what the astronauts see.